Students in the journalism major will select an emphasis in news or public relations, but all students take our core courses to prepare them for the years ahead.

Get Ready for an Exciting Career

The skills you learn in our journalism program will prepare you for a career in almost any field, but especially in news, public relations, design, advertising, marketing, radio, video production, layout, media studies, media law, magazine feature writing and media entrepreneurship. We help students develop strong writing, speaking and critical thinking skills and prepare students for graduate or law school.

Get Your Hands Dirty

In journalism or public relations, students get hands-on experience, learning the profession while having fun. Freshmen majors get immediately involved and can host on-air radio shows, live music programming or deliver the news on the student radio station, KRFH. Students can write for one of the campus publications, The Lumberjack or El LeƱador newspapers or the Osprey magazine. Our students get valuable internship expereince at local television and radio stations, public relations firms and other media outlets that help boost their resumes.

We've Got Skills

Our faculty have major media experience (check out their bios). We are equipped to teach the latest technologies as well as traditional journalism principles. Our strong ties to media professionals and successful alumni help our students land jobs. We help our students build a solid portfolio and resume to show potential employers.

Students are required to complete 45 units in the journalism or public relations major. Several of our major courses also count toward general education requirements, which allows you to take more elective courses.