Minor requirements


Completion of this minor prepares students for careers as reporters, writers, editors, producers, publishers, broadcasters, photographers, page and web designers, public relations and advertising professionals, and media scholars and researchers.

Minor core classes (6 units):

  • JMC 105 Introduction to Mass Communication (3)
  • JMC 120 Beginning Reporting (3)

Plus one of the following courses (3 units):

  • JMC 305 Global Media and Society (3)
  • JMC 306 Mass Media History (3)
  • JMC 318 Media Research (3)
  • JMC 328 Media Law (3)
  • JMC 332 Media Ethics (3)

Plus seven units of approved courses in the journalism major.

  • We recommend that you take a few of our skills courses such as Photojournalism, Media Design, Video Production, Radio and Audio Production, Osprey Magazine Production or one of our student newspapers that allow you to create media content and build a portfolio of your work for job interviews.