What our students learn

Students completing the journalism program will demonstrate the following:

  • ability to tell non-fiction stories using visual and audio tools and technologies
  • ability to gather information from diverse sources
  • knowledge of media laws and First Amendment rights and limitations
  • knowledge of ethical principles in media and public relations
  • understanding of how media profession­als produce content and shape the world
  • ability to write clearly in styles appropriate for news or public relations, considering audiences and the purpose the content serves
  • ability to critically evaluate their own work and that of others for accuracy, fairness and clarity.

The journalism major prepares students for careers in news, public relations, and related fields. As early as freshmen year, stu­dents can jump into content creation, producing stories, podcasts, graphics, photos and more for our award-winning student media outlets The Lumberjack, El Leñador, Osprey magazine and KRFH radio station.

Our primary focus is on producing good, ethi­cal journalists and media practitioners and make students more criti­cal thinkers about the media. They study the role of the media in our society and how the media shape our culture, politics, environment and economic systems.

Careers for our graduating stu­dents include content creator, reporter, editor, magazine writer, page designer, copy editor, photographer, television producer, radio disc jockey, broadcast manager, news anchor, public relations representative, adver­tising executive, sports information director, sports photographer, web page designer and webmaster.