Victoria Sama

Osprey Adviser and Professor


Professor Vicky Sama was lured from producing and writing news at CNN to teaching our Media Law, Video Production, Advanced Video Production, Magazine Production, Beginning Reporting, Introduction to Mass Communication and Media Ethics courses. She also supervises internships. She and her students helped produce a documentary on the 100th anniversary of Humboldt State University. She is the faculty adviser for the Journalism Club and for the Osprey magazine.

She joined Humboldt State University in August 2006 after teaching at the University of Colorado in Boulder. Prior to her academic career, she was a journalist at Cable News Network where she was a producer, writer, copy editor and field producer covering cocaine cartels, guerrilla wars and violent presidential elections. She holds a master's degree in Media Research from the University of Colorado and earned a bachelor's degree from Montclair State College. She produces video stories and writes magazine articles about the outdoors for various publications. Her favorite subject--cycling. Outside of class you can find her riding her bicycle, probably in the mud.

(707) 826-4725
Bret Harte House, Room 205