Got a j-degree? Start a record company.

JMC alumnus Sean Bohrman. founder of Burger Records, visits with students in Bret Harte House.

El LeƱador students on deadline

HSU students craft bilingual news online -- and a print edition comes out monthly.


Graduates rock our socks off

Our favorite day of the year -- giving students those hard-won degrees.

HuffPost in the house

During a recent visit to campus, HSU journalism alumna Jennifer Kho ('99), HuffPost's managing editor, visited classes and spoke about industry headwinds.

Welcome to the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication

The art and practice of journalism could not be more important than it is today. Timely, verifiable information delivered with honesty empowers humans to make choices about living in their worlds. At Humboldt State University, we train students to be disciplined, open-minded thinkers, gatherers of reliable content and trustworthy storytellers for diverse audiences. This is an important skill set for news media, public relations and media entrepreneurship. It's also key preparation for lawyers, marketers, scientists, city planners, educators, environmental activists and business executives.

In Humboldt's journalism program, students dig right into media-making in their first semesters. Our freshman learn multimedia skills as they build expert blogs and practice reporting skills for online media. After this running start, students craft compelling stories for student media, like the Lumberjack, El Lenador, KRFH-FM and the Osprey magazine. While building their professional portfolios, students also glean deeper appreciation for media ethics, law, history and contemporary media issues. Our graduates leave Humboldt's journalism program ready to work professionally in local, regional and national news media and public relations. They start businesses of their own. They attend graduate and law school. They work hard to make the world a better place.

If this sounds like an exciting challenge for you, consider journalism at Humboldt State. We'd love to hear from you.