Jessie Cretser-Hartenstein

Pop Culture Diva and Lecturer


Jessie Cretser-Hartenstein teaches Mass Media & Popular Arts (JMC 302), Analyzing Mass Media Messages (JMC 309), Media Research (JMC 318), and International Mass Communication (JMC 330).

Outside of the classroom, Jessie has combined her study of media with her passion for the environment. She has spent many years working on communication and outreach with nonprofit organizations, promoting coastal resilience projects with Surfrider Foundation, food security projects with Locally Delicious, statewide environmental health projects with Californians for Alternatives to Toxics, and international sustainability projects with The Appropedia Foundation and Practivistas Dominicana. Once upon a time her talents were also put to good use in the corporate world, working as the International Communications Director at a digital media company in Sydney, Australia.

When it's time to take a break from work, Jessie can usually be found digging in the dirt in her organic veggie garden, hiking in the redwoods, catching waves in Trinidad, working on one of her VW Vanagons, globetrotting in Oceania, Asia, Central America, or the Middle East, finding new and interesting ways to add to her long list of scars and battle wounds, or making humble attempts to tread lightly and live a sustainable lifestyle.

Jessie is a proud HSU alumna. After graduating with a BA in English and Environmental Ethics in 2005, she went on to earn a postgraduate degree through the Master of Media Practice program at the University of Sydney in the land down under.

(707) 826-4775
Bret Harte House, Room 105