Grant Scott-Goforth


Grant Scott-Goforth is a communications specialist for Humboldt State University's Marketing and Communications department. Grant is an HSU alumnus who has worked across local media including the North Coast Journal.

 What accomplishment fills you with pride?
I've been honored to try to make this community better. I'm proud to have graduated from Humboldt State, proud to have worked with the area's best journalists, proud to have won awards for that work and seen awareness spark from our reporting, and I'm now proud to work with Humboldt State and the campus community to further our goals of higher education and social justice.
What's your favorite quote?
"This whole world's wild at heart and weird on top." - Laura Dern as Lula in Wild at Heart

How do you like to spend a weekend?
I go with the seasons - I love to bike, hike, camp and swim in local rivers when the weather's nice. And I'm just as happy hunkering down with books, games, movies and music in the winter months.
Grant Scott-Goforth
(707) 826-5112
Nelson Hall West 104