Emeritus prof donates $10k to equip students

Thanks, Mark Larson!

Professor emeritus creates fund so majors won’t have to shell out
for expensive texts or equipment

Journalism majors don’t need to buy their own expensive cameras to take our photojournalism or videography courses. But the Journalism Department hasn’t had enough cameras to lend to students who want to use them for portfolio building projects outside of those classes. And students often find onerous the cost of textbooks required for some of our core classes, such as Media Law. Thanks to Mark Larson, who retired from teaching two years ago, the department will be able to help students out. 
This year, Larson donated $10,000 to the department to establish a fund to buy equipment and books that students can borrow to ease their financial burden. The deparment will be able to purchase $1,000 in books and equipment each year and intends to create a lending library of technology and books.
To show their gratitude, journalism students made a poster-sized thank you card and presented it to Larson at our annual spring banquet in April.
When Larsen went to front of the Kate Buchanan room to accept the sign, he gave students one piece of advice. He flipped the thank you poster over and wrote two words: Its and It’s.
“You should get this right before you graduate,” Larsen told the crowd. 
Outgoing Department Chair Marcy Burstiner said the department is already in the process of buying new DSLR cameras and books for the core course, Media Law. 
 “Now students will be able to check out cameras for any of their classes,” Burstiner said. “We live in a multimedia world. Students need to take photos and video for all their stories.”

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